Once upon a time, in the depths of an exotic mystery land haunted by African ancient spirits, a young man died because of a scorpion sting. One of those wise spirits possessed his young and strong dead body to make him rise as a Necromancer.

Deathless 2008

With his powerful will and magical powers together with a great knowledge of nature, he decided to give birth to a strong, undead legacy, moved by a deep sense of eternal life and mystical rebirth. He found all the akin souls from all over the world. Those who died in hate, rage and moved by the same great power with a huge lust for life. 

Deathless 2010

He started from a science runt, the Cyborg, a strange creature: half man, half machine. Scientists took a real life to experiment caging a real man's mind in a body made of flesh and circuits. Thoughts and emotions of a man with a great power and life energy, pent-up in something horrific. The Necromancer chose him because of his inner rage, his inner energy and his inner struggling about “Why did they make this atrocious thing to a human being? Why am I alive?”.

Deathless 2010

Then the Necromancer felt the soul of a young girl put to death by the Inquisition’s tribunal. She had red hair and strange powers, two aspects the Church didn't like at all, furthermore everyone in her hometown talked a lot about her weird life. She was known as the Red Witch, that’s the name people gave her. The Necromancer found her soul so corrupted in rage and anger that she seemed to be a perfect potential witch. He wanted to teach her all the things she needed to make her rise as a real Red Witch. 

Deathless 2011

Near the soul of that young girl, he found a monk, burned alive by the same Church he trusted so much: "an apostate" they said, so they threw his life in flames and pain. "Pater Blaurot" a name, a sign: that’s what the Necromancer thought as he felt that lost soul in Europe. 

Deathless 2011

Then he found something in Mexico: El Cal’aver was the name of a young Mexican gangster killed by a foe gang. He was very young and pushed to be a criminal by his stray family. He died in rage, with all his childhood dreams broken by such a wrong training that he cursed his parents, guilty of his murder. The will of the Necromancer was great: he wanted to make those spirits redeem their broken life and take advantage of all the strength they had. The legacy of a wrong existence, turned wrong by others: the Deathless Legacy. 

Deathless 2012

No more crime or murders, but creativity: all that energy should be use in a creative way, funneling all their souls in the same way. But the Necromancer felt that something was missing: a mouthpiece able to get their inner monsters, rage, bitterness and powerful energy across. He found it through the spirit of a young little girl raped and killed by an evil priest, who thought she was possessed by an evil spirit. She died willing revenge, so the spirit of a powerful Wild Boar demon instilled all his power, greatness and evilness in her: that’s how Steva was born. 

Deathless 2012

Deathless Legacy were now formed and ready to start messing up a little this world that had been so mean with their life: they took revenge by killing their inner monsters, fears and fury through the power of music. They rose from their graves and are now wandering through space and time to give humanity a taste of Hell, the same their slaughterers pushed them in. 

Deathless Legacy 2013

Deathless Legacy: formally

Deathless Legacy is an italian horror metal band.

Founded in 2006, they start their carreer as the italian Death SS tribute band, and their name was just Deathless. This name was given to them directly by the hand of the great Master, Steve Sylvester and that was a great honour. Year after year the will to propose their own songs grew up and in 2013 they decided to propose just their own music, offering a show enriched by a very strong theatrical part.

They became the actual Deathless Legacy, a name that respect their past and open their future craft.
In november 2013 Deathless Legacy signed with the german Danse Macabre Records label and they released their debut album “Rise From The Grave”, on 3rd January 2014.

Deathless Legacy 2015

At the end of 2014 keyborder Alex van den Eden aka Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine, Angra) joins the Legacy. The band has started to compose some odd, creepy, for the next upcoming album.

Deathless Legacy at Wacken Open Air

In May 2015 Deathless Legacy win the Italian Wacken Metal Battle and, on August 30th they play on the most important stage of the metal scene: the Wacken Open Air one.

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