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Dance with Devils

Join the Sabbath


Witche’s Brew

Headless Horseman

The Black Oak



Curse of the Waltz


Creatures of the Night

Join the Sabbath

Date night with the Devil
Osculum infame
Crossroads tonight are festal
Coven of witches, Akelarre
This is the night we solemnise blasphemy
All together with him on the throne of ebony
Let us welcome the angst in ourselves
Forever cursed, disdained and damned

Join the Sabbath
And the horrendous
Join the Sabbath
This is Witchcraft

Spree, dance together,
Roll your eyes
Follow the drums
that’s the Devil’s night

Join the Sabbath
And the horrendous
Join the Sabbath
This is Witchcraft

Spree, dance together
Roll your eyes
Follow the drums
No limits at all, s’ebbatre

Naked women and men
All together again
Enlightened by the fire
and its flames that are higher
Black candles at the feast of evilness
dancing and yelling in the night of the excess
You say it’s profane
Yes That’s the great arcane


Chained and locked in a cage
they keep on yelling at me all day
they keep on deride
the witch that worships the devil takes pride in everything she made:
cursing people and killing them
the witch of mayhem

Burn burn burn burn burn
let the witch burn
Aflame my heresy
With fire I’ll bleed
I won’t stop, I’ll yell
“I’ll see you in hell”

Shaved, my hair were taken away
The day of the Lord is at hand
My life is at the end
But who is the monster
the one who slaughters
or the one who esteem her life, her will
an heresy
I am the enemy
“On the flame of our good Lord, the mud is waiting for her in Hell”

Witches’ Brew

A pinch of hate
chopped tongue of a snake
stir well use the scoop
pretend it’s a soup
Make sure of the heat
To boil has the heap
of bats and fresh hair
The rats are unfair
They escape in the blink of an eye
We are the witches
No time to waste
You make your last wish
There’s something to taste
Witches’ Brew
Don’t taste the spoon
or you’ll be dead soon
now add crow’s feather
the tails of two lizards
to taste some tears
of children and nails
don’t forget the snail
but remove the shell
now wait the full moon and serve

Headless Horseman

When the night falls down
You know he’s around
Enlighten by the moon
in dust clothes he’s strewn
“My knife, it comes”
You should him shun
for it’s his war cry
he sees without eyes
You can feel the panic
Along the spine
You can see the shiny
blade, you won’t be fine
When the night falls down
The horse clops on the ground
Time to chop some heads
I’m the Headless Horseman
Moving in his stillness
he looks to execute
to steal the heads
he’s ready to split
the mind from the body
His knife, it comes
before the dawn
I am alone
I am on my own
I cannot speak nor breathe
How can I still can be in life?
All I have is my knife
My horse and my dedication
“My knife it comes”
You scum, now run
eye for eye you know
I’ll steal your head I’ll cut your throat


Eternal darkness on our world
Eternal darkness on who succumb
by the hand of a psychopath
who leads two girls on the wooded path
hanging them to the tree’s branches
letting rot their white flesh
cursing the life of who passes
into the woods the spirits are assassin
Filled with hate, filled with pain
the forest all their anger contains
when it’s night you can hear them
Yelling, laughing their mouth full of scum
We call the spirits of the deads
they come to take you underneath, avenge
Calling the spirits of the deads
Revenge is on the path of flesh, again
When the night holds the full moon
Follow the path from the lagoon
bring with you an incensory
Spread the scent and follow the story
“We are here to set you free
we feel idiosyncrasy
may the hangman be forever
damned, no peace for him, never
May your animal hatred dance
we’ll help it dancing being in trance
Take delight of our panic
that’s the night of magic
Hang’em, to the black oak
Black Oak
I invoke
The spirits of the two girls slaughtered
Black Oak
I evoke
Their intense black lust for revenge


Fallen from heaven
Cocytus and its ice
There me thou will find
My name, a warning
They keep on telling
The sin you carry
Something so much scary
My fault: enlight your tiny minds
Remove your shell
Be the rebel
Disobey those who say
Wisdom led us astray


Foggy today it is
Empty are all the glasses
Left on my dirty dinner
That’s the sign of my last entertaiment
Where are you my sweet love?
I miss you much more than the sun
I can offer you so much
An endless sweety lovely hug
I love to own your smell
Your life in me it melts
In my coffin you will dwell
Eu sunt Dracula
I can’t stand this loneliness
No more blood, left only bones
of my friends and servants and dogs
I still remember what is love
Where are you my sweet love?
I miss you much more than the sun
I can offer you so much
An endless sweety lovely hug

Curse OF the Waltz

Trapped inside my nightmare
no way to escape
Chained in my dress made of lace
Stucked in time
forever and ever
Awake your senses
Try not to dance
This is the waltz of the ghouls
Your mind is sleepy in the gloom
From dawn to sunset the ghouls play and bet
on all us damned, on who will break
in half the hip, the ankle or the shin
the unlucky will then be torn into pieces
forever and ever
Now that is ready our meal
may the feast begin
and you all damned
will entertain us
by dancing and following the 1 2 3 of the waltz


Mold from the fire
Mold from the lust
of life, I aspire
to dissolve the ancient dust
I shake my black wings and bring hellfire
It’s time to burn what was before
No mercy and no redemption

I Rise in the dusk
To tear the mask
Unveiling lies I’m the devilborn
Don’t fear my Word
I’ll free you All
Time to enhance I’m the devilborn

Repudiate the castle
made of well known safeties
and choose the hassle
They are ready,
they catch your heat, that will be blown out.
In just one batch the beast will be down?

Creatures of the night

Wings shuttering in the shadows
to the moon pointed noses
Through the bushes they’re moving
at the rhythm of the night
Take off your clothes at dusk
and join our feast with no husk
No matter how many eyes you have
nor if your skin is covered in hair
Creatures of the night
under a sky with no light
Creatures of the night
As the curtain falls
on your bright world
you enter our dark set
we hear your hard breath
The world of the shadows revivals
If you turn off the lights
And if you keep quiet
You’ll hear the laughs, you’ll be frightened