Rituals of Black Magic – English Book Signed


Rituals of Black Magic: The art of manipulating reality to gain the eternal damnation



If you are unaware of the dark power that “Rituals of Black Magic” may unleash, stay away from this book. This is a collection and a presentation of the most vulgar misbelieves and errors regarding the darkest and most harmful magic arts. It contains rituals that no one should know, and even less try, that may lead to much trouble you couldn’t face. “Rituals of Black Magic” is an essay about the main types of black magic rituals over the centuries. It explains both the theoretical and the practical aspects, but we strongly suggest you stay away from its content and to not try the rituals you can find in it. Each of the chapters describes a ritual set to music in the album “Rituals of Black Magic” by Deathless Legacy. The authors of this book, Frater Orion and Sister Steva are the drummer and the singer of the female-fronted occult metal band. They have been digging deep in the most obscene and occult studies for more than 15 years, following the darkest whispers behind every closed door

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