Saturnalia (2020) – Album CD + DVD – Signed/Autografato


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Saturnalia – Libro Italiano Autografato


Vivi la storia di Lucius attraverso le pagine di “Saturnalia”, il romanzo tratto dall’omonimo album dei Deathless Legacy in copia autografata.

I’m so proud of you my loyal servant

The first-born is now dead burned alive

You put on fire his tent while he was asleep

Helius the heir  of the Adepphius family


Let’s celebrate this glorious day with a cheer

Let’s inebriate ourselves with the scent of the grape

“Go, Lucius in the cellar and find the amphora

Of the red treasure from the Cimini hills”

But the pupil decides to trip the slave

The wine falls and the Domus’ in rage



My precious wine


On the floor you die!


Oh, I am in pain

Will Tullius’ cane

hit me again?

Am I going to die?



The celebration begins!

Today the slaves are free!


Why don’t you put your name in the cruse, my dear?

Beware the fate, also monsters can create


He’s the chosen one,

Guiding everyone
Touched by the hellish forces
“Lucius I declare you

the princeps with the horns” 


A scarlet tunic embraces me

A golden mask I feel

Bewitched I am by the depths of the Earth 

Saturn flows in me


Where is the wine? Why I’m still clean?

I see my goblet, it’s still empty!

Tullius Murena, come and pour it for me

For Saturn, go now, quick!


Even in red

Things can come back



I’m so proud of you my fearless servants

I have a secret mission for you 

Since you are the most brave ones that I know

Get ready for a very long rewarding work

I have a present for my bastard son’s mother

Go and deliver my gold medallion


The purest heart

Raped to death

My everything

Worth to breathe

How can I live

with all this grief?

Take my life with your cold sword



Father, are you?

Mother, are you?

Glad that  I am dead

Finally, I’m home

It’s not your time, yet 


Rise in the darkness, my friend

We’re in the temple of the Goddess Laverna

Who protects the underworld, the thieves, the cheats

She has a mission for you, that’s why you breathe


She passed away, you know?

Your lust for revenge is a dripping flow

Tullius has no pietas, he punished you two

Calling on himself the wrath of Saturn


Embrace this path

You’re now a son of Laverna

Give me your left hand

Offer this wheat to Laverna 


Gaze at the candles in the altar

And take a sip of this brew

Nod to the skeleton in the black cloak

You’re now a son of Laverna


Almost unfold is my sight

That’s the oath I must realize

A burning light embraces the lair

and all my skin the fire tears


Gods’ whispers of revenge

thundering in me

My heart is aflame 

by the Wrath of Thee 


Ablazing my lips 

I now eclipse

as ashes in the wind 

Myself I abrade

Ablazing my eyes

In the divine

I melt my face

and in fire I rise


All I know is gone so far

All I love, it was not spare

I seek the fat of someone’s chest

and fulfill my burning quest


Is that really you, my son?

What they have done to you, my love?

I cried a lot

My son, blood of my blood


I face my pain

a feast to celebrate

I face my hate

a feast of flames


I’m so upset with you useless servant

The first-born isn’t dead, he is alive!

My plan has gone up in smoke and it’s your fault

That’s clear you lied and your blood will flow

I’m going to tear your skin with the slap of my whip

I recall your promises out of your lips


Helius Adepphius

We thought he was gone

“Back after ten gloomy years

Raise your glasses, he has come back

I hear your whispers, await…”


Nemo non formosus filius matri


The sun shines on my mask made of gold

Hidden under it lies the weight of a crime

Too awful to be flaunted

I have to live with it forever

Remember forever the pain you caused


My face ablazed by a friend

He’s sitting here at hand

I watch his face, his eyes are glazed

Tullius are you there?

This is the robe of a slave of your own.

And this medallion, look what it shows

“Tullius Murena,yes I saw it too”

Said the man dressed in blue


Even in death

Things can come back 





per falcem 


et puerum 


ad lux tenebris

That’s the tale of Saturnalia